Eluveitie – Studioblog [Guitarras, 1ª Parte]

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Después de haber estrenado hace un tiempo su nueva página web, Eluveitie prosigue anunciando y publicando información acerca de su progreso con el nuevo álbum, que estará a la venta el año que viene. Este es el mensaje de Ivo:

After 2 weeks I can finally deliver an update on what’s happening in the studio these days! Due to some unfortunate delays the guitar recordings started out rather slow. Not only did we need to bring the guitar of my choice into the repair shop right at the beginning and organize yet another cabinet to satisfy our high demands (cheers to Ark Guitars & Musicshop Wetzikon for the repairs and Johannes for the cabinet), but the flu also interfered with our plans, which resulted in a two-day break.
Right now everyone’s in top shape though and Tommy and I couldn’t be happier with the guitar sound. I could now go on about how we’re recording some of the best guitar work I’ve ever done, but I suppose that’s pretty much self-evident.

One more thing: The guitar work on Helvetios will be more diverse and technically demanding as well as darker than on our previous albums. It’ll even include some roots. Bloody roots. You’re correct, this is an intended play of words.

Chances are I’ll finish up next week, and I’ll let you know when it’s done!

– Ivo.

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